• Riverside Kelham

A taste of South America at Riverside Kelham

If you haven’t already heard, International Food Week is coming to Sheffield and we’re excited to get involved. This is the first food event of its kind and has given us a chance to go exploring and find flavours from around the world that we don’t usually offer.

From 24th to 30th June, we’ll be setting our sights on South America and our chefs will be experimenting with the vibrant flavours and ingredients from countries like Argentina and Ecuador with homemade Choripán and Llapingachos. If you’ve never tasted food from these regions before, this is a perfect chance to try something new.

Throughout the week, we’ll be serving up a selection of specials alongside our regular food menu which means you’ll have plenty of options to choose from and no matter who you’re with, everyone can enjoy the incredible food that our chef is known for.

We can’t wait to get things started and we’d love for you to come down and get involved. For more information about what will be available throughout International Food Week give us a call on 0114 272 4640 or book online to reserve a table by clicking here.

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